Joyce Bullock Garden Designer and Landscaper


Garden design and planting schemes are my passion and my areas of expertise and I only work with trusted associates who handle the construction side of my projects. They are hard-working, reliable, professional and a pleasure to have around.
They bring to life my visions for different levels within gardens, raised beds, patios, paving and decking.

Hard landscaping

The hard landscaping aspects of a garden design can include structures, patios, paths, seating, water features and perhaps a built-in barbecue area for cooking and entertaining.

Soft landscaping

The size and shape of lawn you choose is part of the soft landscaping. My trusted, local tradesmen will do all the hard work of creating these new features and I get to do the wonderful bit of choosing the flowers, shrubs and trees. Find out more about this side of my work on my planting page.
The designs I create are always workable and practical. My knowledge of plants and nature means that I don’t create stunning designs that look fantastic on paper but then can’t be built in the real world without hassle and headaches.
I often liaise with architects who offer a bespoke service to home owners and need a high-quality garden design where what’s inside the home is reflected outside.
Do get in touch if you’d like to know more about starting a landscape garden project.

Gardens and flowers have a way of bringing people together, drawing them from their homes.

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