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in     by Joyce Bullock 29-06-2017

Basic Tools and Equipment for Fledgling Gardeners

In their excitement to get started on their new hobby, many beginners make the mistake of purchasing just about every tool available at garden retailers.

Not only will this mean wasting a lot of money on tools and equipment that you will barely use, it can also mean giving up valuable storage space that should be set aside for things that you will actually use regularly.

So to counter this problem, this article lists the basics that gardeners, beginners and experts alike need to keep in their garden shed at all times.


Secateurs can be used for a variety of purposes, from trimming dead leaves and grass, to opening a bag of seeds. Gardening Data lists down the three types of secateurs: the bypass, parrot-beak, and anvil. Of the three, the bypass secateurs are the most versatile, so this might be the best option for gardening beginners.


A trowel is a must-have for gardeners. According to a BBC Gardening report these can be used for a variety of purposes, from weeding to planting. It recommended getting stainless steel trowels for durability.


A rake is also a multi-purpose tool. Country Life backs this up by stating it can be used for many things such as picking up leaves, moss, rubbish and other debris in your garden. It can also be used to soften the soil in preparation for planting. It is also utilised for weeding due to some rakes being heavy-duty tools.


A saw is also handy to have, especially if you plan on planting trees. A saw can be used to help prune plants, as well as clear out undergrowth. Make sure to choose a saw that you can easily work with, as an unwieldy one will just end up being unused, and be a permanent fixture on your shelf collecting dust.

Lawn mower

A lawn mower will make your life infinitely easier. You don’t need to get one of the fancy ride-on versions if you don’t have a huge garden. Screwfix lists a variety of lawn mowers that range from hand-pushed mowers to self-propelled and cordless variations. These types compared to the ride-on versions are much more easier to manoeuvre around a small garden as they can get into tight spaces. There are even those that can turn grass into mulch for gardeners who want to use the surplus for fertilizer.

Garden hose

Fantastic Gardeners recommends getting a garden hose for large-scale watering, although it recommends using a watering can for young or delicate plants. Investing in a high-quality hose instead of a cheaper one would be a smart decision, as the latter can break down within a few years of use.


Last, but not the least, are gloves. Many fledgling gardeners make the mistake of assuming that their tools are enough to keep themselves from getting injured. This is not the case, as the lack of protection can lead to problems, ranging from minor nicks, getting dirt under your nails, to more serious ones, such as accidentally cutting yourself while gardening. Make sure to purchase a durable pair that will allow you to keep your dexterity while working on your plants. While you’re at it, you may also want to purchase a hat to keep your head protected in case you find yourself working on your garden under the sun.