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in     by Joyce Bullock 22-10-2014

Autumn door wreath with chillies, rose hips, conkers, physalis and crab apples.jpg

One of my many loves is doing a bit of crafting, some faffing about with bits and pieces, glueing and sticking.  Actually, I think time spent wholly absorbed in an activity is really, really good for the soul.  It is up there with laughing and dancing, something we should do to restore ourselves.

I had a very happy afternoon recently foraging and collecting some lovely autumn leaves, seeds, apples, hips....... Having got a basketful of hedgerow items and one or two things picked in the garden, I set about making some door decorations.

Now I am not a florist, or particularly skilled at this, so none of my handiwork bears close scrutiny.  But, I hope you will agree, the result are a nice addition to the house entrance? A real ‘Welcome’ at the front door.

I already had a willow heart which gets used lots throughout the year, I think it is a Gisela Graham one I bought at a garden centre.  In February I add red ribbons in anticipation of Valentine’s Day (!) and do something bright and cheery for Easter…  With that I simply wired up the items I wanted to use (using floristry wire) and played around. The hydrangea heads are fabulous this time of year and I love how the colours gradually fade, I positioned them first as my centre piece and worked around them.  Adding physalis seed heads and conkers.  I also collected lovely big fat helicopter seed heads, rose hips, chestnut’s and some beautiful crab apples, they were put in other arrangements for friends.

What do you think?

Autumn door wreath using existing willow heart, embellished with hydrangea heads, physalis and conkers.jpg

For the round wreath I made use of an old wire floristry ring.  It had some birch twigs already threaded through it some time ago and they provided the back drop and space to thread through and fasten my wired foliage. For this one I used some of the man’s chillies, but as it was for his door he didn’t mind.

I am telling you all this because you can easily make something to add interest at your front door…but with our crazy, windy autumn weather, you should probably think about doing it quickly.  Before all the leaves etc. are blown away or ravaged by wind.

Do have a go, it gives great pleasure.

Happy foraging and fiddling.